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Mammal Monday – Walking Whale

Ambulocetus SIZE
Walking Whale (Ambulocetus natans)
Images from Wikimedia Commons

Ambulocetus is one of the hypothetical terrestrial ancestors of modern whales. Below is a video that gives a clear picture of what life was like when Ambulocetus walked the earth:

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Modeling Meiosis with Pop Beads

After completing the questions at the end of the Modeling Meiosis with Pop Beads handout, get together with another group and combine your chromosomes. Your initial cell will now contain two homologous pairs of chromosomes (2n = 4). (Be sure to reverse the process of crossing over from the previous simulation so that each of your chromosomes starts out a single color.)

Walk through the same series of steps described in the handout, this time manipulating both pairs of chromosomes. Take pictures with the iPad to document each step of the process. Use the iPad to combine and label the pictures into one .jpg file and upload it to the appropriate page below.

Post Your Group’s Image
Hour 1 Hour 5

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