Check Your Knowledge of Concepts and Terminology

The activities listed below are designed to help you learn the material covered in class.  New activities will be added on a regular basis.

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Current Unit

Unit 2: Cell Structure and Function
Date Added Activity Title Type of Activity
09/20/17 Cell Size and Scale Concept Review
09/20/17 Chapter 3 Key Terms Vocabulary Review
09/20/17 Cells: Structure and Function Vocabulary Review
09/20/17 Cell Structure Spelling Practice Concept Review
09/20/17 Cell Structure Matching Game Concept Review

Previous Units

Unit 1: Chemistry of Life
Date Added Activity Title Type of Activity
08/18/17 Biological Terminology – Prefixes, Root Words, Suffixes Vocabulary Review
08/18/17 Chapter 1 Key Terms Vocabulary Review
08/18/17 Chapter 2 Key Terms Vocabulary Review
08/18/17 Science Knowledge Survey Concept Review
08/18/17 Prokaryote, Eukaryote, or Both? Concept Review
08/18/17 Sample Experiments – Identify the Variables Concept Review
08/18/17 Nature of Science Practice Exam Practice Exam
08/18/17 What do you know about chemistry? Concept Review
08/18/17 Chemistry of Life Review Game Challenge Board
08/18/17 Chemistry of Life Practice Exam Practice Exam